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  • Colorado Springs Educational Article of the Month - Squirrel Trapping: How To Trap A Squirrel

Squirrel Trapping: How To Trap A Squirrel

Squirrel Trapping: How To Trap A Squirrel

Trapping a Squirrel is kind of like trapping a rat. But since Colorado Springs Squirrels are much faster than the rats, they are harder to trap. However, it is not impossible to trap Colorado Squirrels. Here is the step by step guide to trap a Squirrel.

Ideal Squirrel trap is must
You have to get a trap that is specious. You want to trap the Colorado Springs Squirrel and then release it to the wild; you do not want to hurt the animal. So get a big trap so that the animal can fit comfortably inside the trap. This is very important, talk to an expert about Squirrel trap. One door traps are hard to work with. These days you can get two door traps in a low cost too. Two doors traps are better for catching the Colorado Squirrel faster and make it easier for you to set the trap.

Where to put the trap
If you are thinking about putting a Squirrel trap then chances are Colorado Springs Squirrels are already coming to the house. So you must have noticed from where they mostly come from. You need to put the trap in between their travel path. This is a tricky part and chances are you may not succeed in finding the right place at first. So you have to keep putting the trap in different place. If you want quick catching of the Squirrel then you may need to call an expert to do the job. Bushes are a good place to put the trap. Colorado Squirrels love open area near the bushes.

Position of the bait
Colorado Springs Squirrels are very clever animals. They can very safely take out the food and then run away and you will not be able to catch them. So you have to put the bait in the middle of the trap. The Squirrel needs to go inside the trap to get the food, some Colorado Squirrel catcher experts say that putting peanut butter on the trigger plate makes the job much easier.

Assemble the trap well
This is also another important part. You need to set the trap right way. There are many YouTube videos which will help you with setting up the trap. You will also get an instruction book with the product itself. You need to check the trap at least once in every hour. After you caught the Colorado squirrel do not wait, take it 10 miles away from the house and release it. Be safe but do not harm the innocent animals.

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