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  • Colorado Springs Educational Article of the Month - Skunk Prevention Tips: How To Keep Skunks Away

Skunk Prevention Tips: How To Keep Skunks Away

Skunk Prevention Tips: How To Keep Skunks Away

Skunk is a very adorable and intelligent furry creature and one of the best pets but the wild skunks are really problematic as they start digging holes in the garden, burrow under home, destroy the electrical wires by chewing them, etc. The actual problem is started when they spray as many can’t tolerate the odor and also there is a fear of being sprayed. So, it is best to remove the Colorado Springs skunks from home before they start ruining the property.

There are numerous natural ways to get rid of the skunk and all of them are very effective. Here are the effective skunk prevention tips:

1. Seal off the entry points
Yards, deck, dark places at house are the favorite places of Colorado Springs Skunk. So, once you have removed them completely from the house, seal off all the entry points through where they can again get into the yard, deck or in your house. It is better to cover all the open spaces and holes using flash wire made of solid metal or quarter inch screening.

2. Add light to the dark places
Dark places are the most preferred places by Colorado Springs Skunk and they keep on searching for dark location for nesting. So, you can add light in the yard and deck to make all those location highly lit and Colorado skunk will stay away from there.

3. Keep the places clean
In case there are many garbages, unused water bottles, leftover fruits and vegetables in the garden, yard or at the kitchen, skunk will make their way to those places easily as these are the things that will attract them. So, it is best to keep all the places clean where they can make nest. If the yard is too messy, not only Coloradoskunk rather other wildlife will also be attracted there.

4. Make use of motion activated sprinkles
Motion activated sprinkles are another best way to get rid of the skunk in natural way. These are safe so do not worry and place them in the suspected places. Sprinklers are effective to remove away all the smelly mammals.

5. Use natural repellents
There are many repellents available in the market that is made of natural and active ingredients. Spray repellents in places where they can nest and once they taste, touch or smell it, they will leave the place instantly. So, these are the natural ways following which you can keep the Colorado Springs skunk away from your home, yard and deck successfully.

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