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  • Colorado Springs Educational Article of the Month - Rat Repellents

Rat Repellents

Rat Repellents

Most of the people find resort to rat repellents to get rid of Colorado Springs rats. And it is pretty obvious because rats are not liked by anyone and can really cause much trouble in your house. They can be the root cause of unsanitary conditions in your home and also spread diseases. Although you can take some preventive measures to keep the rat from entering your home, but there may be a spot which is missed and can be the entry source for the Colorado rat. They can also come through pipes and utility tunnels.

So you can use these different types of rat repellents to get rid of the rats:

1. Ultrasonic Rat Repellents
This store bough repellent is actually an ultrasonic device that emits a high frequency sound which annoys the Colorado Springs rodents. If the rodent can hear this sound, then they will scatter to somewhere else where they no longer hear it.

2. Liquid rat repellents
These liquid rat repellents are used to scare away the rats as the liquid contains the scent of the Cat, which rats fear the most. Another reason to use this Colorado Springs rat repellent is because they can be bought online and their smell doesn’t really bother a normal person. So you can spray this liquid rat repellent anywhere in the house where you would think Colorado rat would come.

3. Naphthalene (Moth) balls
This is an organic Colorado Springs rat repellent. You can use naphthalene balls to repel rats. Just put the balls in some places and corners of the house like toilets, sewage lines, cupboards, sinks. The aroma of the naphthalene balls makes the rat run away. Just make sure that these balls do not come in near contact of small children and pets.

4. Boric acid and peanut butter
This is also another Colorado Springs rat repellent which doesn’t come heavy on your pocket. Just mix one fourth cup of boric acid with one half cup of peanut butter. With the mixture create some small sized balls and dump them near the rat infested areas. This mixture can kill Colorado rats once they consume it.

5. Ammonia
This is another type of liquid Colorado Springs rat repellent. Another reason to use this repellent is that it is not at all harmful for pets and small children. Just spread the ammonia with distilled water to the rat infested areas of your house and that will do the work. Although you can use all the above method to repel rats, but it is advisable not to use them and use live trapping of Colorado rats for prevention because these repellents can be harmful to others too.

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