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  • Colorado Springs Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Opossum Out Of Your Attic

How To Get Opossum Out Of Your Attic

How To Get Opossum Out Of Your Attic

Opossums are considered as pests with opportunistic, nomadic and notorious in nature. 2 – 3 feet long these beasts are slow but noisy and because nocturnal so the noise comes during the night time while they move inside the attic. They damage the insulation, electric wires, chew on wooden structure and block the ducts. Their small offspring’s fall from the wall and these critters are also having a bad and distinct odor. Many of these also die inside the attic creating more issues.

It’s still easy to get them out of the attic as the mother and the young ones stay together and surprisingly these un-social Opossums stay together in the attic during winter. Here are five steps to get Colorado Springs Opossum out of your attic:

1- Precautions – The basic rule of keeping animal out of your premises is to kill the access to their interest and here the interest is food. So the best precautionary way is to keep the place clean, especially edible things should not be lying around whether it’s human or pet’s food. Keep the garbage bins well secured. Make sure any rotten eatables or fruits or veggies are kept in such a way that the smell should not be coming out. The smell sets up the path for them.

2- Repair – The actual challenge is to keep the exterior of your house well maintained, Colorado Springs Opossums do not really force their way inside your house. These animals will look for a hole or an entrance, so keep the exteriors sealed and if required take professional help especially those who stay near a local dump.

3- Repellents – There are many type of repellants available, some could be home made and others can be bought from the market like Fox urine based chemical repellants or electrical or motion sensor sprinklers but these are not a long time relief. Colorado Springs Opossums get adapted to these very quickly. Without the presence of the fox only the urine will work hardly few days and the homemade solutions do not work much on a beast which is immune to Viper’s poison.

4- Fence and Traps –If you are positive that these mess creating creatures have not entered your perimeter yet, fencing the area could help or setting up traps scattered all over and specially near the places of their interest with proper bait.

5- Professional – Tired of every step on your own? Take a Colorado professional’s help. They could help you in getting rid of them in no time using their better resources and scientific ways.

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